Glass Door Seal 5-Year Warranty

Under Normal Conditions Warranty Non-Transferable

• Glass seal protection warranty covers: Condensation between glass panels

Glass Door System 1-Year Warranty

Under Normal Conditions Warranty Non-Transferable

• The following items are covered with this warranty: magnetic gasket, door closer, door spring, LED lighting, door frame electronics, and the anti-sweat sensor

Warranty Exclusions

Warranty does not apply to any of the following conditions

• Cost of shipping for replaced parts

• Labor cost of replacing any defected parts

• Improper workmanship of the product voids the warranty

• Physical abuse of or altercation of any parts also voids the warranty

• Food spoilage

Shipping of Product

• All products are inspected before being packaged and shipped

• Shipping will have all proper documents, packing slips, and product specifications

• At unloading, all products must be inspected to ensure that no damage has occurred

• If damage has occurred, the driver and delivery company must be notified in order for a claim to be made

• Claims will only be accepted with proper documentation and photos presented

Warranty Disclaimer:

Warranty begins on the date that the shipment leaves our docks. Glass doors must be located in the original installation location as stated on invoice at time of purchase for warranty claims to be valid.

CoolTek retains the right to inspect all claims being made. CoolTek also retains the right of qualifying any claims made for the product warrantied. All coverage and final determination will be made through CoolTek. If failure of part was the cause, the part will be replaced free of charge.